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Interested in learning more about our services? Call or text us and we’ll connect you with the right person.

Book A Meeting

Interested in talking to an Hyatus Stays vacation rental management expert? Schedule time with our team.

Chat With Us

Interested in learning more about our services? Call or text us and we’ll connect you with the right person.

Book A Meeting

Interested in talking to an Hyatus Stays vacation rental management expert? Schedule time with our team.

Short Term Vacation Rental Management in Atlantic City

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Discover How Gary Earned over $200k

"Our revenue optimization system is second to none. The local team that looks after my property is fantastic. They treat my home as if it were their own, and their attention to detail is unmatched."

Gary O - Hyatus Stays Partner

Atlantic City Airbnb Market Insider

Atlantic City - More Than Just Casinos! Atlantic City, New Jersey, renowned for its iconic Boardwalk and vibrant casino scene, is evolving into a multi-faceted destination. With recent investments enhancing its appeal, Atlantic City offers an array of attractions beyond gambling. The city is famous for its wide beaches, historic Boardwalk established in 1870, and a plethora of entertainment options. Visitors can enjoy everything from high-end shopping at Tanger Outlets to dining at celebrity chef restaurants. The city's entertainment scene is bustling with options ranging from top-tier music festivals to intimate jazz shows, ensuring that the Airbnb market thrives with a diverse clientele seeking both short and long stays​.

STR Regulations in Atlantic City, NJ

In Atlantic City, NJ, strict regulations govern short-term rentals to balance tourism with local community standards. Property owners must secure a short-term rental license through a process involving a $150 application fee, inspections, and compliance with safety and zoning regulations. Annual licensing fees are tiered based on occupancy capacity. Operators must ensure that a designated local contact is available 24/7 to manage property issues promptly. Additionally, these properties must adhere to specific regulations regarding noise, parking, and trash management, and comply with state sales tax and occupancy fees, often managed by platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo. Violations of these regulations can lead to hefty fines, emphasizing the critical nature of adherence to ensure the dual goals of a vibrant tourist industry and a high-quality residential life are met​.

A Word From Our Atlantic City's Local Short-Term Rental Expert

"The revitalization of Atlantic City has sparked a surge in its short-term rental market. The diverse attractions now draw a broader audience, which means year-round rental opportunities for property owners. From luxury beachfront condos to cozy homes near the Boardwalk, the market is ripe for investors."

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Our 24/7 customer support ensures guests and homeowners alike have access to help whenever needed. This means smooth sailing for everyone, from booking inquiries to check-in assistance and resolving unexpected issues.

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Get started managing your short-term rental without any upfront costs. We focus on maximizing your income, not charging extra fees just to get started.

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We work with you to choose a cancellation policy that aligns with your comfort level and property type. We ensure your cancellation policy is clearly outlined in your listing, preventing confusion

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The Hyatus Stays Difference


Hyatus Stays


National Property Managers

Booking and Distribution

Listing on 50+ distribution channels for maximum exposure.

Limited exposure depending on self-managed platforms.

Broad exposure

Revenue Management

Advanced revenue management strategies to maximize earnings.

Revenue depends on owner's ability to adjust prices dynamically.

Generic pricing strategies

Guest Experience

Seamless booking experience with 24/7 support and concierge services.

Guest support and services depend on owner's availability.

Standardized services; may lack personalized guest experiences.

Technology and Monitoring

State-of-the-art smart tech for efficient management and 24/7 property monitoring to ensure safety and compliance.

Limited by owner's investment in smart technology and monitoring capabilities.

Standard tech solutions; may lack advanced or customized options.

Policy Enforcement

Strict no parties policy with enforcement to protect your property.

Policy enforcement depends on owner's vigilance and response capacity.

Enforces policies

Maintenance and Housekeeping

Dedicated housekeeping and proactive maintenance with a 5:1 home to local staff ratio. High standards ensure guest satisfaction and property upkeep.

Dependent on owner's arrangements

potentially inconsistent.

Protection and Safety

Built-in damage protection on all bookings and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Policy enforcement depends on owner's vigilance and response capacity.

Standard insurance offerings

Local Presence

Strong local staff presence ensures quick response to any issues and personalized guest experience.

Often limited to the owner's network and ability to manage remotely.

May have local staff

Personalized Services

Customizable concierge services to enhance guest stays

including local experiences and amenities.

Requires owner's time and knowledge to offer similar services.

Operational Efficiency

Professional management of all aspects

from bookings to maintenance

for hassle-free ownership.

Market Insights

Access to market insights and trends to stay competitive and optimize pricing.

Owners must independently research and apply market insights.

Access to data

Financial Reporting

Detailed financial reporting and analytics for transparency and performance tracking.

Owner's responsibility to track finances and performance.

Provides reporting

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Jason T

I recently embarked on a journey into the vacation rental business with Hyatus managing my new property in Cape Cod, and it has been an absolute dream come true. Hyatus made every step of the process effortless, from finding the perfect property to managing it with the utmost efficiency. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and personalized approach have exceeded all my expectations. They’ve not only taken care of my property but have also significantly increased its value and appeal, ensuring a steady stream of income. Choosing Hyatus as my vacation rental management company has been the best investment decision. Their exceptional service has allowed me to enjoy the benefits of property ownership without any of the hassle.

jim and isabella_11zon

Jim & Isabella D.

My experience with Hyatus in managing my vacation rental in the Hudson Valley has been phenomenal. From the beginning, their team has shown an impressive level of expertise and commitment to excellence. They handled everything from property acquisition to day-to-day management, making the process incredibly smooth and profitable. Their marketing strategies have kept my property booked throughout the seasons, maximizing my returns. What truly sets Hyatus apart is their proactive approach to property management, ensuring that both guests and owners are exceptionally well-cared for. I’m deeply grateful for the peace of mind and financial rewards that Hyatus has brought me through their stellar management services.


Martha S.

Working with Hyatus to manage my vacation rental in the Poconos has been an outstanding experience. The level of service and professionalism from their team is unparalleled. They expertly navigated me through the process of setting up my rental, offering valuable insights and support every step of the way. Their comprehensive management services have taken the burden off my shoulders, ensuring that my property is not only well-maintained but also constantly booked at competitive rates. The income I’ve generated since partnering with Hyatus has far exceeded my expectations, and their dedication to optimizing my property’s performance has been remarkable. Hyatus has truly set a new standard for vacation rental management in the Northeast, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to partner with them.

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Hyatus Stays FAQ's

The best short-term rentals in Atlantic City offer a range of options, from luxury apartments on the boardwalk to cozy beachside cottages. Properties like the Ocean Casino Resort and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino offer premium amenities and central locations that cater to both leisure and business travelers.
Yes, Atlantic City offers a variety of short-term rental options that include monthly stays. These are ideal for visitors who wish to enjoy an extended vacation or are in the city for long-term business projects. Monthly rentals often come with discounted rates compared to daily bookings.
When selecting a short-term rental in Atlantic City, consider its proximity to major attractions like casinos, the boardwalk, and beaches. Additionally, check for amenities such as WiFi, parking, and kitchen facilities, especially if you’re planning a longer stay.
Many short-term rentals in Atlantic City are designed to be family-friendly, offering spacious accommodations and close access to family attractions such as Steel Pier Amusement Park and the Atlantic City Aquarium.
Short-term rentals in Atlantic City often provide more space and a homelike environment compared to traditional hotel rooms. They can offer better value, especially for larger groups or families, as they typically include kitchens and multiple bedrooms.
Short-term rental hosts in Atlantic City are required to comply with local regulations that may include obtaining a permit or license, adhering to safety standards, and paying applicable taxes. Guests should ensure their rental agreements clearly outline these rules.
To ensure your stay is secure, book rentals through reputable platforms that offer user reviews and secure payment methods. Check if the rental has modern security features like smart locks, security cameras (in public areas), and a 24-hour contact person.
For the best deals, book your rental in advance, especially during off-peak seasons. Comparing prices across different platforms and looking for special promotions or discounts can also lead to savings.
Pet policies vary by rental in Atlantic City. While many properties welcome pets, it’s important to confirm the pet policy and any associated fees or deposits before booking.
The best short-term rentals are often near Atlantic City’s top attractions, including the Boardwalk, the casinos, and the beach. Other nearby attractions include the Tanger Outlets for shopping and the historic Absecon Lighthouse.

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