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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a a small piece of code, stored in your browser, on your device. When you enter the Hyatus website the cookie enables Hyatus to recognize your device and serve you personal information based on your booking history or chat history.

What do we do with cookies at Hyatus?

At Hyatus we use cookies to help us serve you better, store your instant website chat history and show you the apartments you are most interested in. To this end we may do the following:

  • Keeping you signed in
  • Store your chat history
  • Keep your reservation dates from previous site searches

The above actions enables us to offer you the best experience on our website.

In the next sections, we explain in more detail how cookies and similar technology on our site may be useful, and when and where you can control them.

First-party and third -party cookies

Cookies are files that websites transfer to your computer to help remember things like login details, or what’s in your shopping basket. They are widely used in order to make websites work correctly. We use analytics software (1st party cookies) provided by Google to help us understand how users interact with our website so we can make it better.

Cookie use examples

We collect information about your activity on our services, such as which browser and operating system you use or when you share content with others. This allows us to keep our services secure, understand how they are used, and make them easier to use. For example, we might use cookies to identify devices that belong to a family of users or limit ad tracking within a particular browser or device type. There may be cases where we decide not to process your data based on our legitimate interests, such as when that processing would impact other’s privacy rights.

Do we use cookies for advertisers or sell your data to monetize our user base?

No! Never! We only use cookies to improve your experience on our website. We never sell data or place adverts on our site.




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