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Hyatus partnerships allow landlords to INCREASE NOI without requiring capital investment or sharing losses in scenarios in which apartments underperform.

What Makes Us Different: The Three Tenets of Hyatus Partnerships


We cover all costs of designing, furnishing, and onboarding our apartments and require no capital from our partners.


We only offer partnerships in areas that our proprietary algorithm determines are optimal for Hyatus units, ensuring partners consistently earn increased NOI.


We do not charge any fees and do not receive any income until our partners have received above market rent.

Our Promise

Earn above market rent beginning the first month of our partnership. No lease-ups or ramp-ups.

With quarterly inspections, frequent cleanings, and in-house maintenance, our teams ensure that all of our apartments remain in excellent condition.

Our house rules and guest screening processes ensure that our guests maintain the residential feel of our partners’ luxury residential buildings.

Our in-unit technology assists our team in ensuring that our guests abide by all community guidelines, including quiet hours and limits on numbers of guests.
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Hyatus Partnership Benefits

Our Communities

Maintaining the feel of residential, luxury communities is critical to both our guests and our partners. Therefore, we strictly enforce Hyatus-specific guest rules in addition to all community guidelines.
All rules are clearly stated, highlighted, and agreed to by guests in contracts signed at booking.
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Who Visits Hyatus: Our Guests

Our clients vary based on local market characteristics but always maintain the feel of our partners’ communities:

Travelling Academics

(General Stay Length: One Semester)

Travelling Medical Professionals

(General Stay Length: 2-3 Months)

Corporate Travelers

(General Stay Length: 1-2 Weeks)

Vacationing Travelers

(General Stay Length: 3-7 Days)

Tech-Enabled Security

Hyatus utilizes in-unit technology that alerts our team to any violations of guest rules, ensuring all issues are immediately resolved.
Excessive Noise

Noiseaware technology alerts Hyatus staff if guests are making excessive noise or violating quiet hours.

Apartment Capacity

Party Squasher technology alerts us if guest limits are exceeded.


THC and nicotine detectors alert us of any smoking violations in our apartments.

Smart Locks

Smart locks enable us to control and monitor who enters and exits our apartments.

Risk Analysis

Hyatus assesses the risk of all stays by analyzing a variety of stay attributes and denies any risky reservations.

Background Checks

Hyatus runs background checks on guests through multiple platforms to ensure the continued safety and security of the residential community.


Immediately upon launching a partnership, our teams will design, furnish, and onboard the apartments to quickly begin hosting guests. Our local team is available 24/7 to resolve any guest concerns, and our management team is always eager to discuss any additional concerns.
Hyatus does not earn any management fee or revenue share until our partners have earned above market rent, so our success requires that our partners succeed.
Providing apartments in homey, residential communities is crucial to our success. Seamless check-in, local support staff, and community guidelines ensure our guests maintain the feel of our communities.
Our local team performs quarterly unit inspections, and any unit damage is immediately fixed on our dime.

Learn more about available partnerships


It’s quite simple, really. First, get in touch with Hyatus! Once the partnership is agreed to, Hyatus teams will design, furnish, photograph and list the apartment across over 30 different platforms. Our guest operations team and virtual agents will ensure that all guests check-in and check-out smoothly. Hyatus will do the work of hosting, and our partners will receive increased NOI with no additional work or investment.
Currently, all short-term rental operators require both a management fee and revenue share, allowing operators to earn compensation regardless of unit performance. Additionally, most operators require that their partners cover some of the initial unit setup costs. Unlike these operators, Hyatus provides our partners with above market rent before we earn any income and fully covers the initial cost of investment.

Unfortunately, Hyatus does not. We selectively choose our cities and buildings because our partnership model only provides us with earnings from high-performing units and requires significant capital investment.

Hyatus provides partners with the opportunity to increase NOI and diversify cash flow streams while mitigating partners’ risk and ensuring the residential atmosphere of partners’ luxury buildings remain undisturbed.

To justify the initial capital investment required for each unit, Hyatus partnerships are agreed to for a specified period of time, usually between two and five years. However, all partnerships allow our partners to opt out if Hyatus does not reach performance goals.

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Fill out this short form and a team member will advise you on the best accommodation for your stay

If you have flexibility with your stay, you can also try another search with a new check-in or check-out date, or a different apartment size.

COVID-19 Safety Measures and FAQ

In response to COVID-19, Hyatus is ensuring the safety of our guests and staff while adding flexibility to accommodate their changing traveling and living needs. The following are some of the steps we have taken:

OSHA transparent logo for health guidelines
CDC transparent logo for health guidelines

Adhering to Expert Health Guidance

Following the latest OSHA and CDC protocols, our cleaning team has implemented a rigorous, hospital-grade sanitization process prior to each guest’s arrival. We are hyper-focused on disinfecting all surfaces and thoroughly sanitizing each apartment between each guest. Additionally, we are focused on disinfecting all shared or heavily trafficked building areas such as elevator buttons, door handles, and railings.

Contactless Self Check-In

Safely check-in or check-out with our contactless self check-in now available for all guests. Maintain social distancing, and check-in through our keypad buzzer, using your personal access code.

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Work From Home Ready

It is now easier than ever to work from your Hyatus apartment. All our apartments have been fully-equipped for setting up your home-office and getting things done remotely. Enjoy high-speed WiFi, a comfortable work area, a fully-equipped kitchen, and 24/7 tech support.

Save on Longer Stays

We are taking 40% off all 25+ day bookings. The discount is automatically applied when you select your dates so no need to worry about promotional codes. You can view our availability here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We always recommend you follow local guidelines, health officials, and stay-at-home or other travel restrictions. Within these parameters, it is worth noting that our guests stay an average of 90 days. This means that where a hotel is seeing constant traffic of different people entering and exiting a room, our apartments see one guest for a long period of time. After a guest leaves, we then leave additional time to clean and thoroughly sanitize the entire space well before the next guest is scheduled to arrive.

Hyatus apartments have always received stellar reviews for our stringent cleaning standards. While we continue to maintain the highest standards, including a detailed check-list with more than 100 cleaning routines and guidelines, we have further supplemented this routing with protocols that not only follow CDC guidelines for limiting the transmission of coronavirus, but go above and beyond with a hospital-grade sanitization routine. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Fully ventilating rooms before and after cleaning.
  • The wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by all cleaning or maintenance staff.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning surfaces with hospital-approved, commercial disinfectants.

Yes. Reach out to us or book a cleaning on your guest portal. Mid-stay cleanings generally cost about $75 each.

Shared building spaces are all currently open. Seating has been rearranged to maximize social distancing, and disinfecting is done at least twice daily. However, we are always following the latest CDC guidelines and will update our policies accordingly.

Yes. Contact us at we will work with you to allow you to extend your stay.

Yes. If you can provide your tax-exempt identification code, we can offer tax exemptions for individuals from one of these organizations. Please get in touch and a team member will walk you through your options.

We are doing our utmost to ensure our guests feel safe and at home during this global pandemic.

  • If you are a current guest and you have any questions related to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, please feel free to reach out to us by email at, by phone at +1 (833) 383-4923, or through instant chat – a Hyatus team member is always available to provide you with assistance.

We are always responding to guest and partner feedback and constantly monitoring this dynamic situation. As we continue to learn new facts and circumstances change, we will update our policies and protocols accordingly.

For more information regarding our response to COVID-19 please read our latest updates on our coronavirus response here.