How Travel Nurses Are Changing The Furnished Apartment World

How travel nurses are changing short-term travel and how furnished apartment providers are able to accommodate these new travelers.

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Did you know that the Travel Nurse industry is booming? In fact, it’s been estimated that the number of Travel Nurses in the U.S. will grow by 20% in the next decade! One of the reasons for this growth is that Travel Nurses are changing the way we think about furnished apartments. Gone are the days when Travel Nurses had to live out of a suitcase and eat take-out every night! Now, there are plenty of furnished apartment options that can accommodate even the most discerning traveler. Plus, with a housing stipend from your travel nursing company, you can afford to stay in a nicer place than you ever thought possible!

Providers of furnished apartments are taking note and changing their offerings!  For example, many are now offering longer-term leases, which is perfect for Travel Nurses who may be in a new city for only a few months. And with more and more providers getting into the furnished apartment market, Travel Nurses have plenty of options to choose from.


Look for special travel nursing discounts!

Travel nursing agencies like Travel Nurse Across America (TNAA) have partnerships with certain providers to offer Travel Nurses steep discounts on furnished apartments. This can save you hundreds of dollars a month! Learn more on TNAA by clicking here.

Travel nurses are normally assigned to 12-week contracts, which means that each Travel Nurse has the opportunity to offer hosts of furnished apartments a rare stay that is about 3 times longer than their typical corporate travelers.

The longer stay also allows for a more leisurely “test drive” of the furnished apartment to make sure that it is a good fit.

Another great benefit of Travel Nursing is the stipend that most agencies offer for housing. This can be used to cover the cost of renting a furnished apartment or even help with the cost of buying one.


Hyatus Stays + Travel Nurses 

Hyatus Stays is no exception and has recently introduced a monthly discount specifically for traveling healthcare professionals. This discount, on top of the typical monthly discount, really makes our luxury apartments and homes affordable for travel nurses.

Travel nurses are a great fit for the Hyatus Stays furnished apartments, because they are typically moved from place to place every couple of months and with our ability to accommodate stays two weeks or longer it is never too much of a hassle for them to move in. Travel nurses also usually have jobs waiting for them as soon as they arrive so many appreciate the move-in ready homes we offer as well as avoiding the need to deal with rental furniture set up. One example of an exceptional spot for travel nurses in New Haven, CT. Hyatus has plenty of monthly options in New Haven for travel nurses at the Yale New Haven Hospital.



The rise of Airbnb means an entirely new type of accommodation available to travel nurses.  Furnished apartments have been a great solution for nurses in the past, but now Airbnb offers whole homes and apartments for rent that are move-in ready. This can be a great option for travel nurses who want to stay in one place for an extended period of time or for those who want to save money by cooking their own meals.

Of course, if you are looking to reserve an Airbnb it is important to learn the tricks and tips for finding cheap Airbnbs. Travel nurses often have to work with a limited housing stipend and Airbnb can be expensive so it’s important to know the ins and outs of finding cheap Airbnbs.



Another popular trend for travel nursing accommodations is finding a roommate or travel nurse partner with whom you can split the cost of accommodations.  Travel nursing is a grueling lifestyle and it’s important to have some sort of social outlet, especially if you find yourself living in a new city. Many travel nurses choose this option for social reasons as well but of course, splitting the rent or mortgage with another person makes their housing stipend go much further.



With the ever-increasing demand for travel nurses, the need for accommodation for a short-term rental will forever increase, and the demand will soon outweigh the supply. Rental apartments will need to improve their rental spaces for a new market that is on the horizon. Airbnb apartments have become the number one solution for travel nurses as they can get a fully furnished home or apartment that is move-in ready and will work with the stipend they receive from agencies for rental. 


There are ways Airbnb and rental properties can ensure they capitalize on this demand for accommodation by traveling nurses, such as to offer fully furnished apartments, all utilities provided, and a longer length of stay. Hyatus Stay is one of those rental properties that have taken the travel nurse industry as a new development and has increased their rental property offering to meet this demand, with properties in New Haven – New Haven Hyatus Properties, Cresco – Our luxury Cresco home for travel nurses and vacationers, and many other medium-sized travel nursing destinations.

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