The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Academic Housing in New Haven

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Finding comfortable, clean, and affordable academic housing in New Haven can be challenging. Visiting professors and other academics bring exciting knowledge along with them when they arrive at a new educational institution. Whether they are there presenting their work, conducting research, teaching a course, or a combination of these reasons, the results that come from the sharing of these diverse perspectives are causes for celebration. At Hyatus, we believe it’s important to keep this excitement going past the end of the work day, so we prioritize equipping our furnished apartments for academics with everything an academic may need or want. We’ve worked closely with many traveling professors, particularly those visiting Yale University, so we’ve gathered some insight that we believe could help anyone looking for academic housing. Keep reading to check out some key tips!

Don’t Let a Long Commute Sour Your New Haven Visit

Visiting a new environment to share and acquire knowledge is exciting, but it may also be overwhelming. Navigating a new area may be particularly stressful, so we recommend academic housing be located in close proximity to your place of work. For example, our New Haven academic apartments are within walking distance of Yale University, Yale New Haven Hospital, Yale Medical School, and more Yale University-affiliated campuses. This is a great added benefit for all of our guests, and our Hyatus New Haven team is always available to provide guests with assistance navigating the city if needed.

Look for In-Building Work Spaces to Supercharge Your Academic Research

While the university may provide you with an office for the duration of your visit, it’s always nice to have multiple work spaces available to you. Prioritize housing in buildings with conference rooms that accommodate any meetings or work sessions that could arise. Being able to practice a presentation anytime and anywhere is very convenient. Hyatus recognizes this, so our units are located in buildings with conference rooms available to all guests. For example, the luxury building our New Haven furnished apartments are located in has three state-of-the-art conference rooms available for use at all hours of the day.

Lightning Fast Wi-Fi is Crucial for Academic Apartments

As a traveling academic, much of the work you conduct requires Wi-Fi. Some days, you may work from home, so you’ll need a strong Wi-Fi connection. At Hyatus, we equip all of our units with high-speed Wi-Fi. It’s so powerful that you can stream four devices at the same time in our units. Additionally, in-building work spaces that you’ll have access to throughout your stay also provide free Wi-Fi access.

Pick Fully Furnished Academic Apartments to Feel Right at Home

No matter the duration of your stay, it’s important to feel comfortable in your rental from the start. While some Airbnb units and hotels offer guests decorated lodging, these units are rarely well enough supplied to feel like home. Save your time, energy, and money by shopping for fully furnished units during your academic travels. Hyatus works with interior designers to create visually stunning spaces that are also brimming with everything you need to live comfortably. Whether you forgot basic toiletries, need a baking sheet to make your favorite homemade treats, or want a neighborhood guide to help you adjust to your new area, Hyatus has it prepared for you from the minute you arrive.

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