The Definitive Guide To Visiting New Haven: Attractions, Food, Nightlife, Activities, and Sightseeing

Our Favorite Spots and Hidden Gems

Our Favorite Bakeries and Cafes

  1. SoBol – a few minutes walk from City Crossing (0.1 mile)
    “This smoothie bowl spot serves up delicious smoothie bowls, juices, and baked goods. The location is really perfect, less than a block from your apartment and next door to the equally as delicious Blue State Coffee.”

  2. Cedarhurst Cafe – 7-10 minutes drive from City Crossing (0.5 mile)
    “Your friendly neighborhood coffee shop. Locally sourced, fresh ingredients are transformed into made-to-order breakfast staples like, Belgian waffles, handmade bagels, or their classic bacon and egg sandwich. Don’t overlook their coffee either, which is sustainably sourced and brewed to perfection.”

  3. Lupi-Marchigiano Bakery – a 5-minute walk from City Crossing (0.2 mile)
    The kind of hole in the wall that lets it’s home baked, authentic breads speak for themselves. This makes our list because of the mind-blowing Semolina bread. Please note: Cash only!

  4. ZINC New Haven – 6-10 minutes drive from City Crossing (0.6 mile)
    “Incredible sea food entrees like scallops and tasty small plates. Perfect cozy and romantic spot for cocktails too. If you are looking to spend a bit more, you will definitely get your money’s worth at ZINC”

  5. Mecha Noodle Bar – 38 to 45 minutes drive from City Crossing (33.3 miles)
    “Above and beyond your average ramen spot. We’re talking great music, awesome vibe, personalized services, and of course — out-of-this-world ramen!!! If you are feeling for more than just noodles, try a drink at the full bar or try one of their other delicious menu items like scrumptious recommended spicy chicken wings!”

  6. Skappo Italian Wine Bar – 6-10 minutes drive from City Crossing (1 mile)
    “This is a family run, owned, and operated restaurant and it shows! The family is so welcoming and kind to every guest, and the food is affordable, authentic Italian fare. Hyatus recommends the warm bread while you wait on the tasty meatballs.”

  7. Louis’ Lunch – 12 minutes walk or a 5-minute drive from City Crossing (0.7 mile)
    “No list of New Haven food spots is complete without the venerable Louis’ Lunch, the self-proclaimed home of America’s first hamburger. The burger is served on toast and it is what it is – that is to say – it’s the ultimate classic burger. To some it is a piece of history. To others, a patty made out of heaven sandwiched between two pieces of pure delight. Still to many it is a classic old burger on toast. Whatever it may be to you, you will never know unless you check it out for your self!”

  8. Union League Cafe – 7 minutes drive from City Crossing (0.7 mile)
    “One of the most stylish and elegant restaurants in New Haven, the Union League Cafe justifies its higher price tags with food that is thoughtfully laid out and carefully prepared. Our guests have absolutely raved about the roast rack of lamb and classic French duck confit. Union League is perfect for a romantic date, a celebratory dinner with family or friends, or a foodie looking for delicious French cuisine.”

  9. Ninth Square Market Too Caribbean Style – 8 minutes walk from City Crossing (0.3 mile)
    “Heading out to pickup some vegan dinner often entails spending sky-high prices at an expensive dine-in restaurant. But what if you want delicious vegan food you can just pick up and takeout at affordable prices? Ninth square serves up mouth watering vegan takes on Caribbean classics such as Ginger Chicken, BBQ Drumsticks, or Hyatus’ favorite, Jerk Tofu. These proteins can be paired with a choice of delicious sides, including our two favorites, Ackee or curried chickpeas. Ninth is a casual spot not meant for romantic dates. But if you are hungry, you can get an overflowing plate of 3 vegan proteins and 4 sides all for just 12.99. Your tastebuds will thank you.”

  10. Pacifico – a 6 minutes drive or 8 minutes walk from City Crossing (0.7 mile)
    “Pacifico is known for their excellent service- expect to be treated like family! The dinner menu has an assortment of small plates -we love the flavorful shrimp (Gambas al Ajillo); for something light, the cranberry salad with a light vinaigrette is incredible; for your main, I would recommend the shredded duck or salmon tartar. And finally, for something to share, the guacamole also gets rave reviews. If you are looking for a Sunday brunch, a drink (open to 12:00 AM and 1:30 AM on weekends), or a delicious dinner date, this is the place to go.”

  11. Taichi Bubble Tea – New Haven – 7 minutes walk from City Crossing (0.6 mile)
    “Tai Chi Bubble Tea is way more than drinks. They have these Poke boxes that are really delicious – you can even choose your own toppings and it’s 12.99. Very friendly counter service for takeout but cute eat-in. It’s a lunch place more than dinner really.” – that is the glowing recommendation from one of our own guests and they are definitely not lying….. Tai Chi Bubble tea in New Haven has rave reviews online as well with reviewers highlighting everything from the “Amazing Yellow Noodle Ramen” to the Poke to the “Excellent service every time”. You can’t go wrong with believing the hype about Tai Chi Bubble Team it’s actually that good :)”


  1. Sally’s Apizza – 5 minutes drive or 17 minutes walk from City Crossing (1 mile)
    “If you are visiting New Haven you might already know that New Haven elevates pizza to the next level. Sally’s is a cornerstone in New Haven’s pizza lore. Every pie is hand made and baked in their famous coal fired ovens. The pizza is thin crusted, large, and slightly charred. If you are in the mood for something simple, go with the delicious plain mozzarella pie. For something a bit different, try their famous White Potato. Be aware of the wait. Especially on weekends, expect to wait an hour. But the pizza is worth it. Notable fans include Frank Sinatra, Al Gore, Kathleen Turner, Don Rickles, Jimmy Durante and Gary Trudeau.”

  2. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana – 5 minutes drive from City Crossing (1.2 miles)
    “Long considered a top 5 if not the number 1 pizzeria in the country, Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria is a must visit. Unsurprisingly, Hyatus recommends the White Clam Pizza. Invented at Franke Pepe’s (they also invented their coal-fired pizza ovens which are still in use today), the white clam pizza is made with fresh clams, garlic, cheese, olive oil, and is just absolutely delicious.”

  3. Modern Apizza – 10 minutes drive from City Crossing (1.7 miles)
    “A bit further up from downtown but well worth the drive! Along with Sally’s and Pepe, Modern is one of the top 3 Apizza spots that have made New Haven renowned for its pizza. Enjoy delicious brick-oven, thin-crust pizzas in a simple but clean spot. The Hyatus favorite is their specialty Italian Bomb Pizza. But if you are feeling for something a bit less complex, go with the good old Plain Mozzarella. Clam and fresh tomato is also delicious.”


  1. Cafe Nine – 5 minutes drive from City Crossing (1 mile)
    “Fantastic live music (hip hop, jazz, rock) and great drink prices. Hyatus doesn’t recommend the food but if you eat beforehand, you’ll enjoy the vibe, sound, and draft beer.”

  2. Barcade – 7-10 minutes drive from City Crossing (1.1 miles)
    “Good beer and PacMan. What else do you need for a fun night out. The beer selection is large, small bites are what you would expect at a barcade, and the staff is very friendly. Overall, a major go for a group of friends or a fun date.”

  3. The Owl Shop – 5 minutes drive or 10 minutes walk from City Crossing (0.7 mile)
    “The OWL Shop is quintessential New Haven. The historic cigar bar has been around since prohibition, serving a wide selection of cigars, whiskey, cocktails, cognac, and bourbon. It can get loud at night but during the day it is the perfect place for a meeting or an upscale place to catch-up with an old Yale friend. The Shop is ventilated well so if too much smoke normally bothers you, you still might want to give this spot a try.”

  4. BAR – 5 minutes drive or 10 minutes walk from City Crossing (0.7 mile)
    “All things considered, this might be your favorite place to dance, eat, and drink in New Haven. The vibe is lit, the pizza is scrumptious, the beer selection is fantastic, and the prices are great. Looking to recreated that college night out magic for the reunion or just looking to dance the night away with some friends? BAR is the place to go!”

Grocery Stores / Supermarkets

  1. Elm City Market – 5 minutes drive or 13 minutes walk from City Crossing (1 mile)
    “Lots of high quality groceries and produce to choose from. Great options for vegetarians, pescatarians, vegans, gluten free, organic… you get the point!”

  2. Stop & Shop – 10 minutes drive from City Crossing (1.7 miles)
    “We hate to say it, but sometimes the local grocery doesn’t have that brand you like at the price you can afford. If they don’t, try Stop & Shop. They have a huge selection of groceries at affordable prices.”

  3. Ferraro’s Market – 7-10 minutes drive from City Crossing (1.5 miles)
    “Your Hyatus has a fully-equipped modern kitchen. Now is the time to make use of it! Their is so much at this local gem: The freshest meats and fish along with a wide variety of produce, packaged foods and daily essentials. Load up your cart and make that homemade dinner all your friends at ordinary hotels can only dream of.”

Arts and Theater

  1. Yale Cabaret – 8-10 minutes drive from City Crossing (1.2 miles)
    “Performance arts theater for Yale drama students, the Yale Cabaret is a great place to experience something new, thought provoking, and genuine. Step-in to see a short-form play, order a drink from a friendly graduate student, or try some of the tasty small plates. Hyatus loves to recommend shows that go to support young artists and their development and the Yale Cabaret delivers.”

  2. Shubert Theater – 7 minutes drive or 9 minutes walk from City Crossing (0.7 mile)
    “You just got to New Haven, so don’t worry about heading to NYC to see a Broadway show. The Shubert Theater brings Broadway to downtown New Haven with a 1600 person capacity and incredible shows and musicals, all surrounded by breathtaking early 20th century architecture.”

  3. Yale Center for British Art
    “The Yale Center for British Art boasts a massive collection of British art. You probably already heard it has “the largest art collection outside of the U.K.” If that is not enough to motivate you to leave the comfort of your cozy suite, you should know that the museum itself is a work of architectural art, and the Yale University Art Gallery is just across the street! Come on – that cozy looking mattress will be waiting for you when you get back!”

  4. Yale University Art Gallery
    “The incredible collections at the Yale University Gallery are a must see for anyone visiting New Haven. The range of styles and eras represented will satisfy the most diverse groups. Works include paintings and sculptures from Joan Miró, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso and Mark Rothko. As a small bonus, admission is free!”

  5. Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library
    “See the beautiful architecture at the massive rare book library (one of the largest of its kind in the world). The old and rare books are stacked up to 6 stories high in an awe-inspiring glass covered tower. The exhibits themselves are also one of a kind with items such as an original Gutenberg Bible.”


  1. College Street Music Hall
    “Cozy small venue with incredible service. A parking garage sits just across the street but it is also just a short 10-minute walk from your suite! Check out the current lineup and you might see your favorite band. Every type of music is represented from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Run DMC to Backstreet Boys. Acoustics are incredible and at only 2000 max-capacity, every seat is a good seat. Hyatus recommends the floor over the balcony, the sound is superb and you can get up close to your favorite stars.”


Woven together like patchwork, downtown New Haven forms the ideal neighborhood to visit. You’ll find a classic Neapolitan pizzeria step away from a contemporary art gallery and stumble upon a revitalized playhouse neighboring a century-old cigar bar. You’ll enjoy tree-lined streets, well-defined bike lanes, and open green spaces. Interspersed throughout, you’ll come across Yale University’s historic buildings and perhaps meet with the researchers, innovators, and even celebrities who make up its renowned faculty. You can experience art, theater, college sports, concert venues, and centuries-old architecture and stop at a local coffee shop to gather a second wind before your day is done. One of the most walkable city centers between Boston and New York City, New Haven is a true urban oasis that gives and keeps giving.

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