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Short Term Rental Management in Lambertville

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Where History Meets Outdoor Adventure Along the Scenic Delaware River

Lambertville, New Jersey, is a charming destination nestled along the Delaware River, celebrated for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant outdoor activities. 

Historic Elegance Meets Modern Comfort

Lambertville's Airbnb offerings blend historic charm with modern amenities, providing a unique window into the town's rich past while ensuring a comfortable stay.

Adventure and Culture at Your Doorstep

Nestled in the heart of New Jersey's scenic landscapes, Lambertville is a haven for adventurers and culture enthusiasts, with easy access to river activities, hiking trails, and vibrant art galleries.

The Best of Both Worlds

With its proximity to both the serene Delaware River and bustling small-town life, Lambertville is the perfect getaway for travelers seeking both relaxation and exploration in a picturesque setting.

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Bethany Chenko

Northeast Regional Director, New York, NY

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Oliver Miller

Ground Operations, Bucks County, PA

Evelyn Martinez

Pennsylvania Regional Manager, Yardley, PA

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Mia Jones

Director Guest Relations, Bethlehem, PA

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Discover How Gary Earned over $200k

Our revenue optimization system is second to none. The local team that looks after my property is fantastic. They treat my home as if it were their own, and their attention to detail is unmatched.

—Gary O., owner of our two homes in Lambertville, NJ and Mountainhome, PA

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The Hyatus Stays Difference

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Jason T

I recently embarked on a journey into the vacation rental business with Hyatus managing my new property in Cape Cod, and it has been an absolute dream come true. Hyatus made every step of the process effortless, from finding the perfect property to managing it with the utmost efficiency. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and personalized approach have exceeded all my expectations. They’ve not only taken care of my property but have also significantly increased its value and appeal, ensuring a steady stream of income. Choosing Hyatus as my vacation rental management company has been the best investment decision. Their exceptional service has allowed me to enjoy the benefits of property ownership without any of the hassle.

Jim & Isabella D.

My experience with Hyatus in managing my vacation rental in the Hudson Valley has been phenomenal. From the beginning, their team has shown an impressive level of expertise and commitment to excellence. They handled everything from property acquisition to day-to-day management, making the process incredibly smooth and profitable. Their marketing strategies have kept my property booked throughout the seasons, maximizing my returns. What truly sets Hyatus apart is their proactive approach to property management, ensuring that both guests and owners are exceptionally well-cared for. I’m deeply grateful for the peace of mind and financial rewards that Hyatus has brought me through their stellar management services.

Martha S.

Working with Hyatus to manage my vacation rental in the Poconos has been an outstanding experience. The level of service and professionalism from their team is unparalleled. They expertly navigated me through the process of setting up my rental, offering valuable insights and support every step of the way. Their comprehensive management services have taken the burden off my shoulders, ensuring that my property is not only well-maintained but also constantly booked at competitive rates. The income I’ve generated since partnering with Hyatus has far exceeded my expectations, and their dedication to optimizing my property’s performance has been remarkable. Hyatus has truly set a new standard for vacation rental management in the Northeast, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to partner with them.

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Hyatus Stays FAQ's

Vacation Rental Management encompasses the detailed administration and operation of short-term rental properties aimed at vacationers and transient guests. This service includes the orchestration of reservations, overseeing cleaning and maintenance tasks, and ensuring compliance with all regulatory and safety standards. A Vacation Rental Manager takes charge of every element of the rental journey, from promoting the property, liaising with guests, to managing financial transactions. Ensuring properties are well-equipped and comfortable, Vacation Rental Managers play a pivotal role in enhancing guest experiences, boosting reservation rates, and elevating rental yields.

Hyatus Management tailors to the unique needs of Airbnb properties by managing all operational facets, including reservation management, guest relations, plus cleaning and upkeep services. Offering a seamless experience for property owners, Hyatus Management alleviates the burden of daily rental tasks. Our services extend to professional photography, strategic pricing, and thorough guest vetting. We charge a competitive fee or commission, calculated as a percentage of the rental income, while ensuring property owners maintain control and ownership of their listings. Effective collaboration between Hyatus and property owners is essential to align the management of the property with the owner’s vision and objectives.

Engaging a professional Airbnb manager like Hyatus brings numerous advantages to property owners, such as enhanced operational efficiency, superior guest satisfaction, and increased rental revenue. Hyatus expertly handles all rental processes, including marketing, reservation management, guest communications, and property maintenance, allowing owners to redirect their focus elsewhere. With strategic pricing and occupancy optimization, Hyatus aims to maximize your rental income. Moreover, our commitment to maintaining pristine, well-furnished properties equipped with necessary amenities translates to outstanding guest experiences, glowing reviews, and higher reservation numbers.

Full-Service Vacation Rental Management with Hyatus signifies an all-encompassing property management solution, addressing every aspect of managing a short-term rental property. Hyatus offers a worry-free management experience, covering marketing, reservations, cleaning, and maintenance coordination. Our suite of services includes professional photography, pricing strategy, and guest vetting to ensure your property is marketed effectively and achieves optimal rental returns. Hyatus’s Full-Service Management is the epitome of hassle-free property investment management, designed for owners seeking to maximize rental income with minimal personal involvement.

Opting for Hyatus’s Full-Service Management offers substantial benefits over Limited-Service options, including:

  • Significant Time Savings: Hyatus takes care of all rental aspects, from marketing to maintenance, freeing up your time for other pursuits.
  • Enhanced Rental Income: Leveraging extensive management experience, Hyatus optimizes your pricing and occupancy, ensuring a lucrative rental yield.
  • Expert Marketing and Guest Vetting: Our professional marketing strategies and thorough guest screening processes lead to consistent bookings and high-quality guest experiences.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Hyatus manages all maintenance and repair work, ensuring your property remains in top condition, enhancing guest satisfaction and positive feedback.

Property owners can enjoy their properties for personal use, subject to advance planning and coordination with Hyatus to avoid booking conflicts. We encourage open communication about personal use intentions to ensure seamless management and guest satisfaction. For specific details on personal use policies, property owners are encouraged to consult directly with Hyatus.

Hyatus’s management fees are designed to be competitive and transparent, starting from a base percentage of the rental income. These fees are tailored based on the property’s size, location, and the annual revenue it generates, among other factors. Hyatus offers a broad spectrum of management services, ensuring property owners receive value through effective marketing, guest relations, property upkeep, and more. Our fee structure is straightforward, emphasizing transparency and value for our clients.

Hyatus specializes in Vacation Rental Management services within the Tri-State area, encompassing New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Our seasoned team of rental management experts is committed to delivering unparalleled service, ensuring your property stands out in the market. We focus on crafting memorable guest experiences, effective marketing strategies, and optimizing rental income for property owners across these three states. With Hyatus, you can rest assured that your vacation rental in the Tri-State area will achieve its fullest potential, thanks to our localized expertise and dedicated support.


Hyatus delivers an extensive array of services to property owners, including but not limited to:

  • Pool and Hot Tub Maintenance
  • Professional Cleaning Services
  • Lawn and Garden Care
  • Efficient Check-In/Out Coordination
  • Strategic Marketing Initiatives
  • Restocking Essentials
  • Dynamic Pricing Models
  • Laundry Services
  • Smart Home Integration
  • Direct Messaging Support
  • Detailed Calendar Management
  • Quality Linen Services
  • Customized Guidebooks
  • Listing Enhancement

Additionally, Hyatus provides guests with the option to avail themselves of extra services such as interior design, furnishing, and installation, alongside comprehensive insurance

Hyatus manages a diverse portfolio, including condos, single-family homes, and luxury properties, tailored to the unique needs of each owner.

With a dedicated staff-to-home ratio, Hyatus ensures every property receives top-notch maintenance and guests enjoy concierge-level services.

A combination of national reach with local expertise, smart technology for guest and property monitoring, and a strict no parties policy ensure a superior management experience.

Local experts conduct regular inspections and offer personalized care, understanding the unique needs of your property and the local market.

The homeowner portal provides detailed insights into your property’s performance, including reservation status and maintenance updates.

Comprehensive guest vetting, smart device integration for real-time alerts, and a dedicated local team ensure your property remains secure and well-maintained.

Your property will be listed across multiple top-tier platforms to ensure maximum visibility and bookings.

Hyatus employs advanced revenue management strategies and flexible programs to potentially increase your property’s annual revenue.



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