Airbnb’s New Corporate Apartments Offer More Options for Long-Term Travelers

How Airbnb's new corporate apartments are offering more options, to travelers for longer-term stays at an affordable price

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Starting in Seattle and New York City, Airbnb is now offering corporate apartments that travelers can rent out by the night. These short-term rentals come with all the perks of a long-term stay, such as fully-equipped kitchens and hotel-style amenities that make your traveling experience more comfortable. The new services from Airbnb are perfect for business people who are away from home for longer than a weekend, or those who need to relocate in between jobs and don’t want to uproot their families in the process. Corporate Housing New York City 

The New Options

If you’re one of Airbnb’s more than 5 million experienced travelers, then you probably already know that there are plenty of opportunities to rent Airbnb’s in cities around the world. And while many of these listings are still apartments and rooms rented out by regular people, Airbnb recently announced that it would start offering a new corporate apartments program designed specifically for short-term rentals. Airbnb Corporate Housing These new listings will include kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms shared among multiple users. The idea is to create an experience somewhere between staying at a hotel and staying at someone’s home but with all of your travel needs taken care of ahead of time. It’s like a professional apartment building (without all of those extra cleaning fees). The first properties available through Airbnb’s corporate apartments option have already been listed in Seattle and New York City but are quickly making their way nationwide. To make sure they stand out from other short-term rental options on their site, they’ve also made sure to partner with hosts who have high ratings and verified identification on their platform. It’s a nice perk for frequent business travelers who don’t want to deal with changing hotels every few days or even every few weeks. With the average length of stay on Airbnb now sitting at 2 nights, these new properties could be just what some frequent business travelers need when looking for accommodations near work or clients during trips away from home. Harlem New York luxury apartment

Why this Matters

Hotels don’t offer the same homey feeling. Hotels are losing customers, and Airbnb is one of the big reasons why. For those traveling for work or needing a place to stay on short notice, Airbnb is becoming a more attractive option as more travelers want to feel at home during their travels. If you’re new to Airbnb, here’s how it works: Instead of booking a hotel room, you can book an entire apartment or house instead—usually cheaper than booking a hotel room in many cases. The service lets hosts rent out spare rooms in their homes when they’re not using them and lets people looking for accommodations find places that suit them perfectly—and often much cheaper than hotels do. Now, with these new corporate apartments being offered by Airbnb, you can even rent an entire apartment for longer periods of time. This means less hassle checking into a hotel (which usually requires getting your own keys) and more convenience overall. With these new options, companies may also be able to save money because they’ll be able to get better deals through renting multiple units together rather than through a traditional lodging provider like a hotel chain. Seattle Sentra First Corporate House


How this Pays Off for Everyone

Companies are saving a ton of money while hosts are able to serve more guests. Now, with Airbnb’s new corporate apartments program, companies can get Airbnb to provide private homes and apartments that they can use for long-term travel at an affordable rate. In addition to saving money on expenses like home security or utilities and cut down on costs of new furniture, companies can now book blocks of housing in different cities. This gives employees increased flexibility over their vacation schedule without it affecting their company’s bottom line too much. On top of all that, they also have access to a wide variety of lodging options from traditional hotel chains like Marriott or Hilton to quiet hotels a few miles outside big cities where travelers prefer more privacy than full-service lodgings offer. By renting out space through Airbnb, companies will be able to save significantly on their corporate apartment rentals by avoiding fees that hotels usually charge. Airbnb hosting program


Where it Falls Short

Depending on the area, there can be a lot of local opposition to Airbnb apartments and hotels. The major problem with short-term rentals is that it takes long-term housing off the market and reduces available housing stock in the area. Moreover, while Airbnb has tackled income inequality by allowing hosts to make extra money, neighbors are upset about the increase in short-term apartments in their area. At its best, Airbnb offers an alternative to hotels that’s both more affordable and allows travelers to experience local culture; however, at its worst, they raise costs and change neighborhoods in a way that isn’t always positive or welcome. What Airbnb did to New York City Article

What This Means For Hosts And Guests

If you’re a host, Airbnb’s new corporate apartment category could be a great opportunity to make some more money, since you have more options than just renting a room in your home. If you have a spare bedroom or even an entire extra apartment at your disposal, those options might prove to be higher earners than individual rooms in your home. As for guests, if you’re planning on staying somewhere longer than 30 days, it makes sense to look into corporate apartments. What are Corporate Apartments? Corporate Housing – Hyatus Stays For now, these are standalone units that don’t belong to anyone who lives full time in them. In other words, they’re not condos or townhouses that are owned by someone else and rented out through Airbnb when they’re not being used. Instead, these units are fully furnished and ready for long-term stays. Some of these apartments are provided directly by companies, like Hyatus Stays. Hyatus luxury apartments. Others were previously hotels or motels that have been converted into short-term rentals (like Comfort Inn & Suites), which means hosts can list their space as both short-term rental (through Airbnb) and corporate housing (through third parties). Who Is This Good For? These corporate apartments are particularly good for people traveling for work, whether it’s a few weeks here and there or longer stints abroad who want more amenities than what you’d get from an average hotel room. And with options ranging from basic efficiency studios to one-, two, three bedroom layouts, there’s something for everyone. How Much Do They Cost? The cost will vary depending on location, size and length of stay. However, in most cases, corporate apartments are significantly cheaper than traditional hotel stays. 



Last year, Airbnb launched a pilot program offering furnished corporate apartments in seven cities to give travelers an alternative to hotel stays. Now, they are expanding that offering to include furnished monthly apartments and studios in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and Washington D.C., with more cities coming soon. It’s a new strategy by Airbnb to go after business travelers who might otherwise be looking at hotels or serviced apartments as their accommodation options when visiting a city. Instead of booking traditional accommodations, business travelers can now choose from either fully furnished monthly apartments or studio rooms for shorter-term stays. Airbnb tools to drive occupancy


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