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October 8, 2021

The Top 5 Reasons Why a Furnished Apartment Is Better Than a Hotel

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With only a couple of months left for this year, it’s understandable that you’re probably itching to pack your bags and take a break. The holiday blues are starting to creep in and you’re probably beginning to make a list of things to do on your next travel. It’s fine, we get it. Traveling has always been one of the favorite forms of escape of many, it’s a way of getting out of your comfort zones and seeing the world from a new perspective. Who doesn’t want a change of scenery from time to time, right?

No matter how you think about it, or what kind of traveler you are, traveling has always been beneficial and therapeutic. You know what they say, “You will never be the same person after you have been to places”, and not just a different person, but better!

Maybe that is why a lot of people prepare a detailed plan of their travel; from the itinerary, places to stay, and the like. Among the list, choosing where to stay is the most crucial thing to decide because this can make or break your planned vacation.

Thus, the options about where one can stay, do not limit to the usual traditional hotels in the city because there are also Airbnbs, apartments, and homestays where one can choose.

One of the things our guests always ask us is why they should choose us over hotels. So, if you’re asking the same question, and you’re torn between booking a hotel or trying out a furnished apartment, we have listed below a list of reasons to help you decide why the latter is better than the former.


In addition to feeling that home away from home experience, you can also feel cozy and comfortable staying in a furnished apartment. You can leave that shoe and go barefoot in the hallways (because no one is there aside from you and your family anyway).

You can move with more freedom and ease because you have the place all to yourself.

Most furnished apartments allow you to relax just as you do at your home. Not to mention that you can also cook your favorite dish without the pressure of ordering in for some room service with hidden charges!


An added benefit from the one mentioned above is the privacy you’ll have when renting out a furnished apartment with a contactless check-in. There will be no shared spaces where most people hang out and pass by.

These are mostly favorable for families with their kids. They can have the freedom of running around without the parent worrying about accidents and whatnot that might happen.


Forget about the standard-size suites you were used to; furnished apartments can provide more spaces with almost the same price as the 5-star hotel in the listings.

There are more reasons why this is cheaper than hotels for short-term rentals, and some of them include having more amenities, better furniture, free Wi-Fi access, and parking spaces. Lower rental price and accessibility to nearby community stores is also a plus.


Most hotels are situated in areas where tourists are, while furnished apartments are in strategic locations like residential or semi-residential areas. The hassle and bustle of the city streets can also be a distraction and ruin your relaxation moment.

When you’re staying at furnished apartments with better locations, such as Hyatus Apartments, it can make your stay more worthwhile, and it will also give you an…


Say hi to the neighborhood and immerse yourself during this short-term stay in a new place.

Learn the culture, tradition, language, and people to add some spice to your travels. You can do this by joining some local tours, trying out local restaurants and even volunteering at a local organization.

We hope this list was able to help your decision-making and gets you ready to click that book button! We’re looking forward to having you at Hytaus.

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