Visiting Yale? Here are Four Accommodation Options You Should Check Out

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Only a 90-minute trip from New York, New Haven has become a gastronomical adventure for foodies not only for its crave-worthy pizzas, hamburgers, and steak sandwiches, but also for its diverse food selections that vary from Malaysian cuisine, Japanese, Indian, all the way to Ethiopian and French cuisine.

Besides being the second largest city in Connecticut, New Haven is also known for its great Victorian architecture and rich art scene. Equipped with world class culinary options, museums, theaters and music venues, they don’t call it the “Cultural Capital of Connecticut” for no reason. 

But aside from all these, New Haven is perhaps most known as the home and birthplace of Ivy League’s Yale University. Founded in 1701, it is one of America’s oldest universities and popular for its music and drama programs.

If you’re planning a trip to New Haven anytime soon to visit Yale, or if you just want to experience what New Haven has to offer, there are a lot of luxury and high-end hotels that you can choose from. But here at Hyatus, you’ll also discover that aside from hotels, there are also cottages and furnished apartments in New Haven that won’t hurt your pocket and can make your experience just as memorable, if not more. 

We know that choosing the right accommodation can be quite overwhelming with the amount of options available on the internet, so we’ve listed down a number of accommodations near Yale that will be perfect for your upcoming New Haven adventure. From classic hotels to modern style apartments, you have the freedom to decide which of these accommodations in New Haven suit you best.

1) The Study at Yale

Check them out here:

Situated at the heart of Yale University’s campus, The Study offers a one-of-kind experience for those who wish to visit Yale without compromising on comfort and style. Boasting a view of the Yale University campus and a tour to the Aisling Gallery, The Study is an ideal place to be inspired in literature, art and music. Also, with its own Living Room and Cafe, Heirloom Restaurant & Lounge, you get to experience the culinary talent of the people of New Haven. 

Choose among the 124 deluxe guestrooms that The Study has to offer: from Premier King or Queen rooms to Study Suites, Presidential Suites, and more. Comfort and style is surely their top priority, and every element at The Study reflects the character and culture of the University itself. 

2) Graduate New Haven

Check them out here:

Considered as a campus icon and a local landmark, Graduate New Haven is an elegant boutique hotel that will welcome you with timeless aesthetic and sophisticated interiors. Each room has its own character and charm, which gives Graduate New Haven a historic yet modern vibe. With only a mile away from popular destinations like the New Haven Museum and across the street from the Yale School of Art, it’s no wonder that Graduate New Haven is one of the popular accommodation choices when visiting Yale.

3) Cozy Cottage in Historic Neighborhood

Check them out here:

If staying at hotels is not your thing and you want a more “homey” vibe, then this one-bedroom cottage in the historic City Point neighborhood is the one for you. Both charming and modern at the same time, this cozy cottage is adorned with stylish, well thought-out pieces and equipped with amenities like a smart-home system, large-screen TV, and a 40-inch chef’s stove.

Its location is nearby local diners such as City Point Kitchen, and is only a few minutes drive to Yale University so convenience won’t be an issue.

4) Luxury Furnished Apartment in Downtown New Haven

Check them out here:

We know that visiting a new city can be daunting especially when choosing a proper accommodation. You’re faced with so many options and different price points that it can get a little confusing. So whether it’s your first time visiting New Haven or you’re in town to see a loved-one, we’re confident that this furnished apartment by Hyatus can make you feel at home.

Conveniently located at downtown New Haven, this fully-furnished apartment is perfect for both short term and long term stays, tourists and locals alike. Furnished with state of the art facilities and only a few minutes walk from destinations like the Yale University Art Gallery, this is truly one of the best options for furnished apartments in New Haven. Relax and watch your favorite movie on the 4K TV, recreate your favorite dish in a fully-equipped kitchen, unwind in the rooftop sun terrace and enjoy all the luxury facilities this furnished apartment has to offer. Trust us, it’ll be one of the highlights of your trip.

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